Junior Squash

Junior Squash

RSC has a thriving junior section of over 80 players catering for boys and girls up to the age of eighteen. The club actively encourages juniors to participate in the game through the organisation of enjoyable junior coaching, junior leagues, junior teams, annual competitions and of course juniors enjoy subsidised court fees. Many Juniors have progressed so well in the junior section that they now play in the adult leagues and some adult teams.

Please contact head coach, Clare Wright for more details on our regular Saturday junior coaching sessions.

For those that want to take their Junior Squash further there is also a RSC Junior Squash team that plays other local clubs.

We are affiliated to England Squash and have a child protection policy in place in line with our England Squash Bronze Club Charter Award. All coaches have been CRB checked.

As a commitment to our community we always put out a team for the Surrey Youth Games held at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford. We have won medals of all colours for the last ten years in a row!

We strongly recommend the use of goggles for juniors while on court.

A number of local schools also have after school or lunchtime clubs at RSC and we welcome enquiries from other schools in the area as we firmly believe squash is a game for life.  Our coaches are on hand to give structured lessons to school clubs.

Junior Squash Leagues

Junior squash leagues run for approximately six weeks, so there are roughly eight sessions per year. The new leagues are shown on the club website and sent out by email. We aim to give our Junior members an enjoyable opportunity to begin to play competitive squash but the emphasis remains on having fun whilst improving individual skills and playing standards.

The guidelines and rules are as follows;

Score in Games Points Points
3 - 0 Winner 8 Loser 1
3 - 1 Winner 7 Loser 2
3 - 2 Winner 6 Loser 3
2 - 2 Each 4
2 - 0 Leader 6 Opponent 2
2 - 1 Leader 5 Opponent 3
1 - 1 Each 4
1 - 0 Leader 4 Opponent 1
Walkover Opponent 5
  1. Matches to be the best of 5 games.
  2. Each player should challenge the three players below them (2 challenges when the league is smaller.)
  3. Challengers pay for the court and make booking through online booking system
  4. Points scoring system:

  5. Enter results on sheet on Junior notice board using points system above.
  6. Failure by Challenger to offer REASONABLE SELECTION of bookings with REASONABLE NOTICE shall be regarded as failure to challenge and Walkover will be awarded to Opponent.
  7. Failure to accept one of a reasonable selection of challenges will result in a Walkover awarded to Challenger.
  8. A Walkover may be awarded to the Opponent in the event of a player failing to make a challenge, failing to arrive on court within 10 minutes of start time or having to scratch for reasons stated in 9 below.
  9. In the event of any player having to withdraw part way through a session for reasons beyond their control, e.g. injury, illness, then ALL their matches, played or unplayed, will be declared as 5-0 to the Opponent. Withdrawal should be indicated on the league sheet with a request for entry in the next session if desired.
  10. All matches must be played by the dates stated on the League table.
  11. Promotion and Relegation – the player who gains most points will be promoted and the player with the fewest relegated.
  12. If you do not intend to continue playing in the next session it is essential to make a note to that effect.
  13. Organiser’s decision final in all cases.
  14. New players wishing to join leagues should add names, phone numbers and email addresses on sheet provided.
  15. Junior League participants must be members of the club.

Junior League Organiser
Clare Wright

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