Notice to Playing Members



  • Adult members: court fees are £4.30 per 45-minute playing period.
  • Junior members (25 and under): court fees are £1.80 per 45-minute playing period at weekends and up to the 5.15 pm playing period on weekdays after which they must pay £4.30.
  • Corporate members: weekday courts up to, but not including, 6.00pm may be booked by corporate members. Court fees are £6 per 45-minute playing period.
  • Courts show as 75 minutes. This is made up of a 45 minuted playing period, plus 30 minutes to clean touch points and allow the court to air for at least 20 minutes before the court can be used again.
  • Members must clean and leave the court at least 20 minutes before the next playing period.


  • No guest is permitted to play more than three times during a playing season and at all times must be accompanied by the introducing member.
  • When playing a guest, members MUST:
    • Select "GUEST £2" as the playing partner/opponent to show on the booking sheet.
    • The system will automatically charge the £2 Guest Fee to your booking system account by adding the Guest Fee to the court fee already paid.
    • If you're no longer playing a Guest, you can change your playing partner/opponent to a member, and the court fee will automatically revert to the normal rate (and your account will be credited). This can be done when you book the court or any time before playing.
    • If you forget to select Guest as the playing partner/opponent before playing, then please be sure to use the facility to "TransferCredit" (£2) to the Guest account on this system.


  • Members can top-up their accounts online in order to book courts.  The appropriate booking fee will be deducted from their credit when the court is booked. 


  • Members are to use the online court booking system ( to reserve courts.
  • The online booking system is to be used by members only for reserving 45-minute playing periods in advance, and the periods of play designated on these online booking sheets are the only times that may be reserved.
  • Members may book courts up to 14 days in advance only.  When booking 14 days in advance, the courts are only made available to be booked from 7am.
  • No pair of players should book two successive peak time courts (weekdays from 5.45pm onward).
  • When courts are booked for doubles matches, multiple players' names should be entered on the court booking.
  • Corporate members may book weekday (Monday-Friday) courts up to, but not including, 6.00pm.
  • For access to the court booking system each member is provided with unique username, password and PIN.  This information should not be shared and it is the responsibility of each member to keep this information safe and secure.
  • The court must be booked prior to play.
  • If a court has not been claimed within 15 minutes after the time for which it is booked any other player may claim the court, though the booking member may have subsequent priority.
  • Players must leave the court at the end of their time if there are others waiting to play.
  • Members must abide by the rules for booking courts at all times.


  • If a court cannot be used, the booking should be cancelled as soon as possible, so that other members may play on it.
  • The Court Booking Fee is automatically refunded when the court is cancelled more than 48 hours prior to play.  If the booking is cancelled within 48 hours prior to start time, the Court Booking Fee is refunded only if the court is re-booked by another member.


  • All users of the courts are required to wear non-marking court shoes whenever on court.


  • Certain groups have been allocated limited playing periods as displayed in the booking system.  Any member may play on any unoccupied court with the consent of the group supervisor.

The online booking system is a big change for the club and it is in the interests of all members that it is a success.  If any member is found to be abusing it the Committee will ask that member to resign.

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