Ladder Rules

Ladder Rules


Any RSC member can join the singles Racketball ladder.
Racketball is excellent for improving your endurance for squash as the rallies last much longer.
The ladder is intended to encourage friendly competition and aid players in finding partners at their approximate level of skill.
For new players, there are a number club racketball rackets that can be borrowed from behind the bar. Just please make sure you put them back after you have played.


Take a blank T-card and put your name at the top and a contact number beneath.
Place your T-card in the bottom slot on the ladder.
Make your first challenge.


1) A player can only challenge the person up to 2 places above them on the ladder.
2) If the lower ordered challenger wins they move their T-card to the place occupied by the higher player who would then move down one place. If the higher ordered challenger wins then the ladder order does not change.
3) If a player is challenged, he/she must play the match within 2 weeks. If the challenged player won’t play in that time then the match is defaulted to the challenger. Please only accept one challenge at a time on a first come first serve basis.
4) It is the challengers’ responsibility to move the T-cards to the correct slots should they win the match.
5) It is the challengers’ responsibility to book the court.

For more information about Racketball please contact Mike Parsons who will be pleased to help.

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